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The Hog iPC console is a small, mid-range controller which offers maximum flexibility for programmers. It is designed to use the Wholehog 3 control system - so you get the most advanced features and functionality – but it’s also backward compatible with the classic Wholehog 2 software. It's the industry's first hybrid console.

Hog iPC uses four universes of DMX output direct from the console, expandable to eight universes using USB DMX Widgets or an USB DMX Super Widget.  An unlimited number of DMX universes is possible when using networked DMX processors (DPs).  Two 12-inch high-brightness color touchscreens offer adjustable viewing angle. A third optional monitor or touchscreen may be connected to the DVI port of the console, allowing additional windows to be viewed and adjusted simultaneously across multiple screens.

A backlit trackball with four configurable buttons provide cursor and position control.

Ten Playback faders feature the familiar Wholehog 3 playback controls (choose, go, pause & flash). Hog iPC offers an internal hard disk drive, and
re-writeable CD-ROM drive; Five Universal Serial Bus ports for touch screens, external drives, printer, and Wholehog accessories (e.g. playback wing, expansion wing, and additional USB DMX Widgets).

Ethernet connector allows communications with Hog 3PC computers, Road Hog Full Boar consoles, Hog iPC consoles, and Wholehog 3 console systems and devices. Remote Focus functionality is available when networked with a computer running Hog 3PC software.

Hog iPC is constructed of precision-machined aluminum in a familiar Wholehog blue style with a tough wear-resistant anodized finish.

NOTE:  This item comes with road case.

  • Item #: HEHOGIPC
  • Manufacturer: High End Systems
  • Condition: Used


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